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Our global organization aims to improve the education and treatment for PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

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RECENT UPDATES TO THE PAGE: April 29, 2014:  See below for information on the UC1010 PMDD pill!  Also added: a physician to the PMDD Physician page!

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bluepillpmdd**Edit!  A medication called UC1010 is currently being tested for the treatment of PMDD!  See its progress at Karolinska Development’s website!

Quick warning:  This site is not for the faint of heart.

We don’t sugarcoat things very much around here as it takes away from the significance and gravity of this condition.  PMDD has not been taken seriously for far too long, and we are here to open the eyes and minds of those who are in the dark about what the first “D” really means.  (“D” as in dysphoria)

Prepare to see what’s behind the figurative curtain of PMDD.  Some of your jaws will drop.  Some of you will nod in agreement.  We’ve had people tell us our blog posts are “provocative” and we take that as a compliment!

The last we checked, there are no longer any open Facebook PMDD groups.  All of them have become Closed or Secret groups at the behest of the majority of their members.   You can attempt to join the Closed ones and lurk to see what these women go through, or you can visit our branch-off blog, My Monthly Monster, or our small forum.  Ours are some of the few places where PMDD is not as hush-hush.  *Edit:  There are many, many Open PMDD groups now!*

You might find the posts very similar to the cries of help made by those in chronic pain.  But it’s clear that there is something going on.  Something more than period cramps or cravings for chocolate and wine.  Something that most PMDDing women do not want anyone to see or know about.

Curious yet?  Cheshire Cat